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Chennai public grievance – Direct hearing by Chennai mayor

As we all know a common man (public) has the right to enjoy various public services provided by a government and also has right to raise grievance when he couldn’t get the service or enjoy that service. But this one of one billion, due to various reasons, slowly reduced his practice of knocking government doors for a grievance and feels being ignored. However it is true that government does not meet public requirement at same pace.

There are many different actions taken by government for public to reach them easily. Many doesn’t know about it and few are facing hindrance from by government employees/ officers at intermediate.

But imagine if he is provided with helpline to raise his grievance that too to the higher authority directly, would he opt for it? Yes, it’s happening around us now!

Some time media takes the responsibility to act rather than report only. And one such program is “Makkalin Manasaatchi” at Zee Tamil channel on every Sunday 9.30 AM to 10.30 AM – Chennai Mayor Mr. M. Subramanian address public grievance (hopefully in good pace).

Let us appreciate both,

Chennai Mayor – Welcome move! Best wishes!! – Vazhthukkal!

Zee Tamil channel for taking up the responsibility for well being. – Best wishes zee tamil channel!  – Vazhthukkal!

For Chennai corporation online service >>

Comment on various reasons why public feels being ignored (or) why public has reduced the practice of knocking governments doors for their grievance? And suggestion on how to come out of it?

A runway – car

A runway – car; into frame from Shenandoah skyline drive, Virginia, USA

A car on its runway

A car on its runway

Shenandoah National Park >>


A sun set; into frame from Wasington DC, USA

Capitol Area, Wasington DC

Capitol Area, Wasington DC

Natures blessing . ..

A better tomorrow

Miles ahead; into frame from catskill mountains – New York State, USA

The best thing we can leave for your future generation

Journey towards achievements; let us make it momerable

What could happen tomorrow is based on today’s act. So let us spend today in happiest way and more meaningful

Please leave you thoughts to build a better tomorrow.