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Niagara Falls – Cave of Winds

Niagara (American) Falls; into frame from Niagara Falls, USA

Niagara Falls - Cave of Winds

Niagara (American) Falls - Cave of Winds view

That was American Falls at Niagara Falls, this view is from Cave of Winds. Hope this may be called a American Falls as it falls from America side. Believe me, you can take bath at Niagara Falls from Cave of Winds, Yes!! It takes you so close to falls and if you are lucky will have right force of water so flowing water hits the big rock (till were you will be taken) and you get the showers in such a force – if not steady will throw you away!

Tip is never miss Cave of Winds night view. And apart, a tour starts from Jersey city, NJ http://www.taketours.com/new-york-ny/2-day-tour-from-new-york-to-niagara-falls-and-thousand-islands-126-1115.html?keywords=cave%20of%20winds



Bushkill Falls; into frame from pennsylvania, USA

Listen to soul

Listen to soul

There are good places to rest and think of self (Listen to soul and understand self) and one such place is a water falls in forest. Suggest your choice of place selection  . .