NYPD on duty

NYPD Cop; into frame from New York City, USA
NYPD Cop on duty

NYPD Cop on duty

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New York City

New york city; into frame from Empire State Building, New york, USA

New york city

New york city

New york city view from Empire State Building

New york city

New york city – Big Apple >>

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Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn bridge; into frame from New york, USA

Brooklyn brigde after sunset

Brooklyn brigde after sunset

One of oldest suspension type bridge and has a interesting story behind its engineering.

A better tomorrow

Miles ahead; into frame from catskill mountains – New York State, USA

The best thing we can leave for your future generation

Journey towards achievements; let us make it momerable

What could happen tomorrow is based on today’s act. So let us spend today in happiest way and more meaningful

Please leave you thoughts to build a better tomorrow.