Thomas Train

Thomas between cars

Line up Disney cars and Thomas in between.

Marketing Photos – Fashion Jewel

Learning Photography – Marketing photos

Learning photography

Image shows a Top (video on Top, Pamparam in tamil >>) and a fashion jewel – a wrist band. So how does this game help kids, it helps to learn on balancing, force, gravity hmm generally its all physics!! 😉
Learning marketing photography . .eventhough there are miles to go for general photography!! 😉
Aim was to market the fashion jewel but hope the picture makes it vice vera  (he.. he..he . .) Just wanted to help my sister on her interest in doing fashion jewels and encourage her to continue. Visit

 Please give me your comments and tips to improve more.


Chessboard [Sathurangam  in tamil]


Queen taking position . .

Chess >>
Sathurangam vizhaiyaduvathu eppdi?/ How to play chess (video in tamil) ? >>

A Scotland yard chase!

Scotland yard; Learning photography – using toys 😉

Taxi - Police chase

A Scotland yard chase . .

So, Scotland Yard?? >>

There is one more well known *Scotland Yard* >>