Disney Theme Park – Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom - Disney Electrical Parade and Fireworks

Disney Theme Park – Magic Kingdom. For me this is best of Disney Park and will surely be a entertainer for all ages (has 40” height restriction). All age groups can enjoy most of rides, shows and plays. Surely it will be a great experience. As usual a tip is to make best use of FASTPASS and never ever miss Magic Kingdom Fireworks. To enjoy the best of fireworks be there at least 15 minutes earlier the show starts (guess start time is 10 PM daily) reason is if not early then you cant be in front of Disney Castle, the main spot on main street of magic kingdom to enjoy the show. Believe, on peak vacation days you will find a festival crowd! And heard that Magic Kingdom is dream project that he (Mr Walt Disney) made true.

Magic Kingdom Firework – More photos on internet >>

Have a fun, enjoy Disney parks!

Disney Parade – Mickey and Mini

Disney Parade – Disney EPCOT park; into frame from Orlando FL, US

Disney Parade - Mickey and Mini

Disney Parade - Disney EPCOT theme park, Orlando FL

Mickey and Mini walks around to welcome people at park by event Disney parade at Disney EPCOT park, Orlando FL.

For those who wants to know what is EPCOT?? It is Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (concept). As it suggests there are very good experiment shows those must never be missed while you are at EPCOT – Soarin’, Space Mission, Innovations and obviously none other than Fireworks! Its very beautiful.

And to add to above list its Universe of Energy, whomever is interested on bin bang theory and evolution of this universe this should be your first show there at EPCOT. A very good learning while your enjoy.

Next few tips on trip to Orlando FL theme parks, starting for Disney parks – then would suggest to keep EPCOT as first in list. Visiting this park will help to make the mind and boost your stamina to walk. . walk. .  and keeping walking all the time till in Orlando FL 🙂 Other parks will now becoming easy to be covered. Reason being that map for EPCOT is small while park is huge while for other Disney parks the case is reverse! Make use of FASTPASS at Disney parks going as a group will definitely be helpful. While on the way to Kennedy Space Center we were told that EPCOT actually means Every Person Comes Out Tried!! We understood :))

In every aspect at these parks they made sure something is transferred to those who attend the show. Few example are earth week, global warming, natural farming, big bang theory etc

Enjoy trip to Orlando FL! Have fun!!